23 March 2010


em...currenty trying so hard to complete my presentation task.i've choose a topic which i'm not familiar with.what a mess.Animals should not be kept in zoos.It's not like i'm a animals lover,but i keep thinking about selecting the best topic and i ended with this.Mr. Baha quite agree.whatelse to do, do your research amalina! finally i manage to write the full essay..alhamdulillah.. and tomorrow Mr. Baha wants us to do individual presentation practice.wawawa.i'm so tired thinking of this. enough!
the other thing is...ececece..like i'm writing a formal essay right now..hehe..
what?! it's really a very very very bad news lah.. why? and why in it happens when we're still here?just wait until we go to gombak la.. then u can do whatever u want.. huh! i'm totally disagree with this!(essay sentence again?) huhu.. i dont want to go there.. students there are not friedly lorh.. they think they are perfect enough? u guys are dreaming only k..*clapping hand* this really make me like a hot worm! i cant accept this and still hoping that they will change their mind.. pleeeaaasseee Mr. Dean??
whatever la.. we still have to follow wahtever they told us to do.. wait until i become the prime minister k.. i'll change everything..*twinktwink*..now,miss my family damn much! mum, sorry cos i'm not there to celebrate ur birthday..
hik3..sorry ya for the bad pcture above! hehe..thanks a lot for being such a great great mum for me..u're the best mum in the worldlah..saluute! (hands up!) wait for me..i'll be home in 10 days..maybe.. keyboard off!

15 March 2010

short post!

motif gmba di ats??hehe..
evrything happened so fast n i'm very thankful to all this..alhamdulillah..got good result n maintain my pointer..n also got groundfloor room,eg4..it's jz like a miracle!i arrived ysterday n today,go to class as usual..waiting in a hot classroom is like a mess!plus no lcturer..fuhh..dont know wt 2 do..it's quite boring here..nothing to do..nothind to eat..hehe..start 2 miss my fmly lorh!

10 March 2010

love u soooo much!!

sorry cik na scold u jz now..hehe..
dont notty2 ya!=p

08 March 2010

no title!

hikmah text me just now said that rzlt will be announced this thursday..fuhh!during dz olide,i dont think about rzlt at all..but now,i cant stop thinking bout it..oh God..what will happen??what about my rzlt??could i maintain my pointer or...i cant think bout it now..so scary k..it's jz like i'm waiting for my spm rzlt..hehe..so annoying..btw..dz thursday..its mean..the same date with spm n stam rzlt..hurmmm..quite interesting..so,we..i mean all spm n stam candidates n cfsiium student will be like a hot worm..haha..i think my english is bad but i'll try my best to improve it..since maybe no lcturer or teacher or classmate that will read dz,so its ok for me to say wtever i like!
opppppss!i just rmember 1 thing..ystrday my bro in law asked me to do his assgnmnt..as usual,i nodded my head n say yes!haha..although i know that i'm a lazy person but i will still take the opportunity to get a gift..of course he will gift me something..at least rm10 topup..its enough for me k..n its my luck that i got more than wt i expcted!alhamdulillah..cant wait till dz wdnesday..i want to hang out wif my sweet frenz..sweet???mybe kot!enjoy..=p
p/s: ANIS NUR ALBASIRAH!wait for me k..
n dont late!

06 March 2010

hosp again!

dear doc,i want 2 change my apoinmnt date..huhu..sounds little bit silly la..it's too hard for me to call the hosp..wawawa..why i have 2 go there again?i thought my heart is ok now..wtelse 2 check?wtelse 2 do?i dont want to take any mdcine again,for sure ok..wteve la..abah,please give me xtra credit k..hehe..btw,i hope i'll meet my sweet doc again!miss him?ahaks!

01 March 2010


speechless!mrh sesangt smpai xtw nk wtpe..ble hot cmni,baek msok blek,psg lgu kuat2 n wt dunnow je tuk sjukkn aty..lg bez cmni dr sekse tlinge ngn bnde2 yg lgsong xde kaitan ngn aq!nsb baek iman kukuh lg n akal msih waras,lau x mmg da lme aq ngamok xtntu psl,lmpr brg kt umh ni..sabo la aty..Tuhan tlg org2 yg sbr..haish!!tlinge cm da nk t'cabot dgr bebelan yg sme tiap2 ary..yg aq xphmnye,org2 yg b'kaitn,yg mne bebelan 2 dtujukn utk mreka,xjejas pom!xtggl kesan lngsong..2 mmg amat2 la aq xmngerti..why??why???why??npe org yg xb'kaitn plak t'pkse mkn aty b'ulm jntung??
org2 b'kaitn 2,tlg la sdr bhwsnye anda dh mnyushkn org!
try 2 change la!2 pon xphm2 er?!