12 December 2011


assalamualaikum. currently otak tepu banyak sangat soalan intermediate accounting kene buat. lagi sakit bila calculator buat hal. even ade 2 calculator tapi dua-dua kehabisan bateri. macam janji plak diorang tu. ahh. geram. but then fikir-fikir balik, takkan sebab takde calculator, taknak siapkan keje ye tak? di mana ada kemahuan di situ ade jalan. stop making excuses which will only make you down.

macam blh relate with our everyday lives jugak la kan. if takde kawan nak teman lunch, takkan nk berlapar sampai malam? if takde exam or quiz, takkan taknak study? Allah always there, He will always show us the right way, only if we deserve it. just nk cakap i need a calculator now. tu je. panjang pulak mengarut oh. okay. goto to go. salam :)

calculator moden :p

05 December 2011


assalamualaikum. anger. ni memang sifat mazmumah betol la. and hot-tempered person memang susah nk deal with kan. ouchhh pedasnya. ni just reminder utk diri sendiri tp kadang-kadang lupa so better i post it here. td dk google2 then find bnda alah ni kt wordpress ni. memang straight copy and paste. think :)

Anger: 10 ways to defeat it….

1 – Seek refuge with Allah from the Devil (ANGER AND WRATH.) :

When someone is angry, mad, and reaches a state of having wrath against any person, he should make a special Du’a. In doing so he will cool down . It is reported that the Messenger of Allah said (narrated by Sulaiman Ibn Sard and reported by Bukhari and Muslim) that while Sulaiman was with the Prophet , two persons were blaming each other. The face of one became red and his jugular veins swelled. the Prophet said. I know a statement if he or she say’s it then the person with anger will cool down.
The person with anger should say : “I SEEK REFUGE IN ALLAH FROM SATAN THE OUTCAST.
Sulayman bin Sard narrated:
“I was sitting with the Prophet, when two men began slandering one another. One of them was red in the face, and the veins on his neck were standing out. The Prophet said: “I know a word which, if he were to say it, what he feels would go away. If he said: “I seek refuge with Allah from the Devil,” what he feels would go away.’”
['Fath al-Bari'; 6/337]
The Messenger of Allah said:
“If a man gets angry and says: “I seek refuge with Allah,” his anger will go away.”
['Sahih al-Jami'; # 695]

2 – Remain silent:

The Messenger of Allah said:
“If any of you becomes angry, let him keep silent.”
['Sahih al-Jami'; # 693]

3- Sit down or lie down:

“Abu Dharr was taking his camels to drink at a trough that he owned, when some other people came along and said to one another: “Who can compete with Abu Dharr in bringing animals to drink and make his hair stand on end?” A man said: “I can.” So, he brought his animals and competed with Abu Dharr and ended up breaking the trough.Abu Dharr was standing when he saw this, so, he sat down, then he laid down. Someone asked him: “O Abu Dharr, why did you sit down then lie down?” He said: “The Messenger of Allah said: “If any of you becomes angry and he is standing, let him sit down, so that his anger will go away. If iit does not go away, let him lie down.”
[Reported in the 'Musnad' of Ahmad (5/152) and 'Sahih al-Jami' (694)]
al-Imam al-Khattabi said:
“One who is standing is in a position to strike and destroy, while the one who is sitting is less likely to do that, and the one who is lying down can do neither. It is possible that the Prophet told the angry person to sit down or lie down so that he would not do something that he would later regret, and Allah Knows best.”
['Ma'alim as-Sunan'; 5/141]

4 – Smile:

By looking from the advise given by our beloved Prophet Muhammed we shouldn’t become anger and furious. If we remember the advise and saying of our beloved Prophet Muhammed then the person becoming angry will control his anger.
Anas bin Malik narrated:
“I was walking with the Messenger of Allah, and he was wearing a Najrani cloak with a rough collar. A bedouin came and seized him roughly by the edge of his cloak, and I saw the marks left on his neck by the collar. Then the bedouin ordered him to give him some of the wealth of Allah that he had. The Prophet turned to him and smiled, then ordered that he should be given something.”
['Fath al-Bari'; 10/375]
Anas: (Allah be pleased with him) reported that the messenger of Allah Muhammad said:
“Who so takes up his tongue as treasure Allah will keep his secrets concealed and who so restrains his anger Allah will with hold his punishment on the resurrection day and who so ascribes excuse to Allah will accept his excuse.So by reading this we should refrain from becoming anger. Because anger destroys one faith. The person in anger forgets where he is and says anything which he regrets after.”

5 – Remember the advice of the Prophet:

Abu Hurayrah narrated:
“A man said to the Prophet: “Advise me.” He said: “Do not become angry.” The man repeated his request several times, and each time the Prophet said to him: “Do not become angry.”
['Fath al-Bari'; 10/456]
According to another narration, the man later said:
“I thought about what the Prophet said, and I realized that anger combines all kinds of evil.”
[Reported in the 'Musnad' of Ahmad; 5/373]

6 – Remember the high status of those who control themselves:

The Messenger of Allah said:
“The strong man is not the one who can overpower others. Rather, the strong man is the one who controls himself when he gets angry.”
[Reported in the 'Musnad' of Ahmad; 2/236, and it is authentic]
The Messenger of Allah also said:
“The strongest man is the one who, when he gets angry and his face reddens and his hackles rise, is able to defeat his anger.”
['Sahih al-Jami'; # 3859]
Anas bin Malik narrated :
“The Messenger of Allah passed by some people who were wrestling. He asked: “What is this?” They said: “So-and-so is the strongest; he can beat anybody.” The Messenger of Allah then said: “Shall I not tell you who is even stronger then him? The man who, when he is mistreated by another, controls his anger, has defeated his own devil and the devil of the one who made him angry.”
['Fath al-Bari'; 10/519]
The Messenger of Allah said:
“Do not become angry, and Paradise is yours.”
['Sahih al-Jami'; # 7374]
The Messenger of Allah said:
“Whoever controls his anger at the time when he has the means to act upon it, Allah will call him before all of mankind on the Day of Resurrection, and will let him choose of the Hur al-’Ayn whoever he wants.”
[Reported by Abu Dawud (4777), and it is in 'Sahih al-Jami' (6518)]

8 – Remember that resisting anger is one of the signs of righteousness:

{“And march forth in the way to forgiveness from your Lord, and for a Paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth, prepared for the righteous; those who spend in prosperity and in adversity, repress anger, and pardon men. Verily, Allah loves the good-doers.”}
[Sourate N°3 The Family of Imran Al 'Imran Aya n°134]

9 – Submit to reminders:

Ibn ‘Abbas narrated:
“A man sought permission to speak to ‘Umar bin al-Khattab, then he said: “O Ibn al-Khattab, you are not giving us much and you are not judging fairly between us.” ‘Umar was so angry that he was about to attack the man, but al-Hurr bin Qays – who was one of those present – said: “O Commander of the Believers! Allah said to His Prophet: {“Show forgiveness, enjoin what is good, and turn away from the foolish.”} [al-A'raf; 199], and this man is one of the foolish.” By Allah, ‘Umar could go no further after al-Hurr had recited this verse to him, as he a man who was careful to adhere to the Book of Allah.”
['Fath al-Bari'; 4/304]
…as opposed to how one of the hypocrites reacted when one of the Companions said to him: “Seek refuge with Allah from the Devil,” So, he replied: “Do you think I am crazy? Go away!”
['Fath al-Bari'; 1/465]

10 – Remember the bad effects of anger:

‘Alqamah bin Wa’il narrated:
My father said to me: “I was sitting with the Prophet, when a man came to him leading another man by a rope. He said: “O Messenger of Allah, this man killed my brother.” The Messenger of Allah asked him, “Did you kill him?” He said: “Yes, I killed him.” He asked: “How did you kill him?” He said: “He and I were hitting a tree to make the leaves fall for animal feed, and then he insulted me, so I struck him on the side of the head with an axe and killed him.”
['Sahih Muslim'; # 1307]

03 December 2011

mukhayyam khariji

assalamualaikum. tiba-tiba buat post di pagi hari. ouch! memang la jarang dapat stay up macam ni. konon nk buat assignment tp bila bukak laptop memang la agak terpesong sedikit dari tujuan asal. tkpe la. insyaAllah blh share benda bermanfaat di sini :)

last week, 26-28 november, dgn rela paksanya aq join mukhayyam khariji organized by vim. akak usrah yg ajak. mula-mula memang malas jugak nk join tapi last-last join jugak la. sorg je kawan yg join, nabilah huda. die memang awal-awal dh post pasal ni. aq je yg terkedek-kedek malas nk meng-update belog. mukhayyam ni actually ala-ala camping la tapi camping Islamic gitu. and before g mukhayyam ni ramai gk la cakap benda alah ni best. so, tkpe la. join je la kan nk tau best ke tak. kite buat ala-ala format journal la ye. sempoi-sempoi saja. hehe.

Day 1
mula-mula gather kt masjid uia then gerak g bus stop. memang la tak penah lg join program kene naik bas then g putra then naik lrt camni. exhausted jugak la nasib baik luggage yg besar gedabak tu ade akak tlg hantar ngn kereta die. then by lrt kitorg smpai kt damai. from there, kene jalan lagi! dh la perut tgh lapar, then kene jalan plak. finally smpai kat surau ansar. before this memang dk imagine cmne la agaknye rupe surau tu, rupe-rupenye die ala-ala rumah la jgk. ade dapur segale. comfortable-lah.

dh sampai then solat zohor then lunch together-gether dalam dulang. aq ni memang lemah cket bab-bab mkn gune dulang ni tapi dh lapar makan je la kan. nk story one by one memang tak habis sampai esk. start program dgn slot jahiliyyah modern by kak rokiah. blh la share sikit mksud jahiliyyah moden tu ape ye. from my understanding la, jahiliyyah means tak tahu, not bodoh. msyarakat zaman skrg ni diibaratkan jahiliyyah moden sbb if zaman before nabi Muhammad SAW, mereka dikatakan jahiliyyah because they do not know about Islam, that's why Allah sent Prophet to guide them. as for us today, we already receive guidance from Allah thru Quran and Sunnah, but we still doing the same thing like what our ancestors do before this. why? zaman jahiliyyah dh datang balik? even worse? yes. maybe blh la compare situation dulu and skrg. mcm dulu, org jahiliyyah tanam baby girl hidup-hidup kn? but they tanam elok-elok je. and diorg dimaafkan if diorg tak tau. same like khalifah abu bakar. even die penah tanam his daughter hidup-hidup pun, but then die repent. but today, org bkn stakat buang baby merata-rata, ade yg snggup plak bakar nad etc etc. nauzubillah.

slot malam plak from kak anfal tapi tak ingat ape tajuk die. akak tu cakap pasal ciri-ciri umat zaman sekarang yg mane tk payah nk story kt sini sbb everything dh blh dilihat di sekeliling kite. nk specific lagi blh google about what is happening around us. thats why we have to change. not only change but also istiqamah. badan perlukan makanan and same goes to our heart. santapan rohani. from this slot jugak dapat satu istilah baru. bulatan gembira. oh usrah rupanya. usrah ni like one of the simplest way to learn about tarbiah la. o yeah. tarbiah tu macam pendidikan Islam yg mane we learn everything about Islam and also practice what we have learnt, to be better Muslims insyaAllah.

Day 2
pagi tu ade qiam then around pukul 7 kitorg gerak g nur lembah bestari, ulu yam. first slot by kak izzah. she mainly talks about pemuda. oh lupe nk mention theme mukhayyam ni ialah pemuda kahfi. from this slot, dpt la faham what is meant by pemuda kahfi sbnrnye. boleh rujuk surah Al-Kahfi. and finally i got one meaningful verse from Quran which i treasure most. before this penah dgr but tak sure sangat.

"Wahai orang yang beriman! Apabila dikatakan kepadamu: "Berilah kelapangan di majlis-majlis," maka lapangkanlah, nescaya Allah akan memberikan kelapangan untukmu" -Al-Mujadilah, ayat 11.

maybe blh kupas verse kt atas ni next post insyaAllah. then second slot, overall talk on adab majlis ilmu. several of them, start with Bismillah, berinfaq before start majlis and berlapang-lapang dlm majlis.

"Sesiapa yang berjalan untuk menuntut ilmu, maka Allah akan mempermudahkan jalannya ke syurga."

on the evening kitorg ade jungle trekking. mmg dh lame tak join jungle trekking. last jugle trekking mase drjah dua. almost 12 years back. and time malam plak ade video show, night walk and tafakkur alam.

Day 3
ni last day but still byk jgk la slot by akak-akak tp time ni memang ngantuk sangat so memang tak fokus sgt. ade slot ala-ala sharing moment yg memang sinonim la dgn vim ni. mmg if ade prgram under vim, biasenye ade sharing moment. last skali ade majlis penutup. alhamdullillah my group, named sumayyah won the first palce, as the best group. dapat hamper. tu la part paling best. hehe. then after zohor and lunch ktorg gerak balik uia.

so, overall mukhayyam khariji ni okay la. for those who are looking for something that will give impact in your life, u better go to this kind of program. bukan selalu pon. even busy dgn assignment, quiz, midterm etc etc, ape salahnya curi sedikit masa utk join this kind of program. insyaAllah. same-same la kite bermuhasabah. salam :)

10 November 2011

kawan :)

Assalamualaikum. alhamdulillah finally dpt jugak post something kt sini. dpt jugak curi masa utk berblog. currently kt rumah tgh cuti midsem and rasanya sempat lg nk wish selamat hari raya aidiladha :)
belek-belek majalah solusi kt dlm bilik ma then jumpa artikel yg memang interesting. and macam memang kena kt batang hidung sendiri. and rasanya lg bermanfaat utk di-share di sini agar bermanfaat utk org lain jugak inshaAllah :)

sifat-sifat orang yang mencintai saudaranya kerana Allah
  • Mendoakan saudaranya
"Sesiapa yang mendoakan saudaranya pada saat dia tidak bersama-samanya, maka malaikat yang diamanahkan untuk menjaganya dan mengawasinya berkata : 'semoga Allah mengabulkan dan bagimu semoga mendapat yang sama dengannya'." (riwayat Muslim)

  • Mengunjungi

  • Memberi bantuan

  • Melakukan perkara yang disukai
"Sesiapa yang menemui saudaranya yang Muslim dengan menampakkan perkara yang disukainya kerana ingin membahagiakannya, maka Allah akan memberikan kebahagiaan kepadanya pada hari kiamat." (riwayat al-Tabrani)

  • Penampilan wajah berseri-seri
"Janganlah meremehkan kebaikan sedikit pun, walau sekadar bertemu dengan saudaramu dengan wajah yang berseri-seri." (riwayat Muslim)

  • Memberikan hadiah
"Kalian harus saling memberi hadiah, maka kalian akan saling mencintai." (riwayat al-Bukhari)

"Sesiapa yang diberi kebaikan kemudian ia berkata kepada orang yang memberikan kebaikan : 'Jazakallah khairan' (semoga Allah membalasmu dengan kebaikan), maka sungguh dia telah memberikan pujian yang sangat baik." (riwayat Usamah b. Zaid )

  • Memberi maaf
dengan memberi maaf, semoga kita juga akan dimaafkan :')

  • Menyimpan rahsia
"Jika seseorang berkata kepda orang lain dengan suatu perkataan, kemudian ia menoleh (melihat sekelilingnya), maka pembicaraan itu adalah amanah." (riwayat Abu Daud dan al-Tarmizi)

artikel ni ditulis oleh hj zainudin ali. memang la kena mention nama original writer kan sebab memang bukan hasil buah fikiran sendiri pun. tak post full artikel pun sbb panjang sangat nanti blh la baca kt solusi ye. inshaAllah kita sama-sama la try ubah cara kita berkawan, cara kita treat kawan n yang penting, niat tu. semua ni ingatan untuk diri sendiri jugak. memang sensitif sikit bab-bab kawan ni. hehe. inshaAllah la kita improve everything, to be a better muslimah. salam :)

16 September 2011

it's friday!

assalamualaikum. just finished reviewing nani's blog. she's writing in english so i'm influenced by her-lah. even i'll still use malay, of course. and it's a new sem peeps! still taking 6 subjects, same like last sem. and alhamdulillah i'm quite enjoying some classes, not all classes, for now. still hoping that i'll find my comfort in all classes. arghhh spmetimes it's just too boring to just sit in class for one hour and twenty minutes. it seems too long. oh my God, please-lah help me. it's just first week and there are thirteen weeks left. ohhhhhh ohhhhhh. it's driving me crazy la. just hoping that i'll score this sem. insyaAllah.

instead of just attending class, of course i'm joining something else. for now a little bit busy with convest n analysis budget talk. meeting and meeting and meeting really annoying. i'm okay with meeting if they know how to conduct it properly and wisely but typical malay, really slow lahhhhh. a meeting should not be too long which might cause all members get bored and of course, sleepy. a lot of things to discussed given a short period of time. so peeps, dont talk too much. just speak out important things, not silly questions! hope that next meeting will be conducted properly without wasting my time. arghhh

i'm taking arabic class this se, of course with nani. i'm just so grateful because she has the same intention as me, to improve our arabic skills. insyaAllah we'll sit for a placement test next week, or maybe another two weeks, insyaAllah. may Allah bless us. it's so exciting thinking that we'll learn arabic again. these classes will be held on monday and thursday, if i'm not mistaken, so i hope there will be no other agenda that will clashed with our schedule. just saying this because sometime they always arranged meetings at last minute, without discussing with other members first. ahh just forget meetings-lah. :)

next week, going to kampung palas, kedah with aainaa, azi, zati, zita, nani, naemah, husna n fatimah for three days. we're joining to balik kampung programme. i'm just to excited because it is my first time going to kedah. insyaAllah we'll have fun memories day. it's friday and i have nothing to do. arghhhhhh. bye belog. salammmm.

12 September 2011

first day di sem II :)

aassalamualaikum.alhamdulillah dh masuk second sem. boleh la nk cakapp third sem if kire skali ngn shortsem aritu. tak byk nk cakap just class fiqh agak tidak mnyeronokkan even lect nmpak baik and class accounting agak kosong even macam best jugak 23 org je sekelas. intermediate accounting related to financial accounting! arghhhhh. sayang kamu-lah accounting :/

08 September 2011

08 september 2011

assalamualaikum. today is 8th sept 2011. haha. macam nk buat karangan english masa skolah rendah dulu-dulu. today birthday my beloved dad-lah. encik yusof mohamed. happy birthday yg ke-52! semoga panjang umur, dimurahkan rezeki and menjadi insan soleh di dunia n akhirat. tu script birthday wish tahun ni. hehe. this year macam special la sikit sbb celebrate birthday abah. tak penah-penah clebrate birthday abah so malam ni buat julung-julung kalinya pergi dinner kt food village makan chimchum. padahal memang niat di hati lame dh nk makan chimchum so kira 2-in-1 lah kan. sempoi-lahhhh!

date ni jugak, 8 sept 2011 secara rasminya account fb nur amalina takleh nk bukak. memang-lah geram jugak kan. since this afternoon try bukak tp yg keluarnya 'account temporarily unavailable' je. taktau la ape jadi padahal pagi tadi bukak okay je. agak stress la sebab dh ter-biase bukak fb every time online. agak awkward la di situ ye. taknak la buat account baru. tak syok la. arghhhhhh. relax. relax. chill-lah kan? huhu

and macam dah terase la kesedihan sebab lusa dh nak pegi gombak. macam best je duduk rumah goyang kaki and jadi surirumah sepenuh masa. basuh kain, jemur kain, lipat kain, basuh pinggan mangkuk, masak, ambik adik kt sekolah, tengok tv, kacau alya, drive, bla bla bla. memang-lah best kan? tak boleh dinafikan lagi dah. sebak pulak pikir nk balik u ni. nanti raya haji bru blh blk rumah balik means 55 days stay kt gombak. haaa tak naek bas lagi dh menghitung hari. mane tak homesick-nya :'(

so banyak benda nk kene setelkan ni. barang memang confirm la tak packing lagi. rumah i ade dua so barang-barang pun berterabur. ade yg letak kt rumah ni, ade yg kt rumah lg satu. so esok la buat gerakan mngumpul kembali harta khazanah tu. and ade misi jugak before g gombak ni.

  • lipat baju-baju tudung-tudung ma. susun elok-elok kt rak tu. m kerja then balik kerja memang penat tak sempat nk urus rumah tu. sedihnya bila pikir ape la nak jaga sume ni bile i takde nanti arghhh. tuntut ilmu tu penting :/

  • susun jugak baju abah and yih si adik yang memang pandai buat sepah tak pndai kemas tuuuu

  • siapkan popia. membazir je ade serunding dgn kulit popia dalam peti ais tu. nak harapkan ma memang tak sempat-lah kan nk buat. so nak taknak kene siapkan jugak before pegi lusa

  • packing barang-barang nk pegi gombak ni. jangan ade yang tertinggal pulakkkk

tu je lah kot misi-nya. bunyi macam banyak kan. kesimpulannya i nak pastikan rumah ni terurus before pegi gombak. kesian kt ma dgn abah penat cari rezeki tak larat dah nk urus rumah ni. nak harapkan orang lain memang tak la kan. so i just help nk ringankan beban diorang. ohhh sedih pulak bile pikir sape nk basuh baju time diorang g keje nanti? sape nk siapkan lunch diorang penat-penat balik keje lapar nk makan? sape nk pegi ambik adik kt sekolah sebab nanti mesti ma rushing-rushing? sape nk sapu rumah ni berhabuk? arghh kalau pikir semua tu maemang takde degree-lah nanti kan. redha je la. ma abah, dont worry i'll try my best. insyaAllah :') 

02 September 2011

raya 2011 :)

assalamualaikum. alhamdulillah dapat jugak puasa penuh ye. maka boleh la raya dgn happy-nya. yahooooo. takde ape sangat nk story- moly sebab every year raya sama je. memang stay kt rumah almaklumlah jalan jem woooo. jalan penuh kereta bernombor plat W,J,B,T and sebagainya ye. kalau nmpak nombor plat D tu memang dh biase. tapi time-time raya ni penuh la jalan tu ye. so, kite orang kampung ni stay kt rumah je la. bia la si perantau tu memenuhkan jalan-jalan yg ada. memang tak sanggup la nk join skali. trima kasih je la ye.

so bila raya yg paling happy memang la si kanak-kanak riang. aq ni badan je macam kanak-kanak tapi paham-paham aje lah. so duit raye pun paham-paham aje lah. cukup-cukup buat tambang balik gombak nanti. bhahaha. sedar-lah diri tu sikit ye. takpayah buat muke seposen berebut ngn budak-budak tuhhhhh. haishhhhh

pstu time-time raya ni pulak la ramai orang bk kahwin aka nikoh. pelik sngoti x paham la bkpo la nikoh time-time ore busy nih. ph kalu x g sero ati pulok. gni la ore kampung gk. eh kawan aq pon dh kawen, slmt pengantin baru ye ruby n azlan. smoga kekal slama-lamanya insyaAllah. tengok org kawen jeles jugak la sikit-sikit. takpelah kan. blaja betol-betol dulu ye.

ohhh lagi satu, semalam ade reunion skola rendah. esok reunion skola mnengah. memang dua-dua tak pegi lah wey. bukan taknak mrapatkan silaturrahim tapi paham-paham la jalan jem plus malu lah lame sangat tak jumpe. tambah budak-budak skola rendah tu. dh 8 taon tak jumpe. aq still cenonet cenggini. hehehe. takpe-lah laen kali insyaAllah if tbukak pintu hati ni aq attend la reunion-reunion sgale tu. memang taktau bile la kannnnn. hihihihi

panjang kemain tulisnya padahal taktau nk buat ape kt rumah. tulis post smbil-smbil dengar alkuliyyah ni. memang tak fokus la kt tv tuh bile mngadap cik celog ni ye tak. dah-dah la tu. selamat hari raya ye kpd smua yg kenal cik nur amalina yusof ni. maaf zahir batin. see ya. salammmmm ;)

jarang-jarang je dpt ber-gmbr cenggini. complete but w/out si abg ipr :p

batrisyia alya and erdina zahirah. peace yawww!

memang tipu-tipu la salam nye. tak sampai 5 minit dah gaduh balik. ohh budak-budak :)

mak sepupu and anak sepupu-nya :)

rase nk penyet-penyet je 3 orang ni! ;p

selamat hari raya!
maaf zahir batin :)


selamat pengantin baru ruby. taken by jojia zai :)

20 August 2011

ah jiwa kacau lagi

assalamualakum. takde mood pon sempat lagi buat post kt sini. yela stay kt rumah bkn ade kawan nk borak-borak macam kt uia tuhhhhh. kadang-kadang boring jugak bile pikir balik. huh

alhamdulillah dh 19 hari puasa. macam best je puasa this year. tapi langit bukan cerah sokmo weh. biasa la tu kan. tu la namanya hidup. haisshhh air dicincang takkan putus tapi kalau air keruh bukan senang nak jernihkan balik. mengomel membebel melalut tu sebahagian dari post ni ye

arghhhh rase nk shopping je. ingat this week blh shopping tp parent pulak busy. takkan nk g shopping sorang-sorang plus tak syok la drive sorang-sorang plus lagiiii tak syok gune duit sendiri. selalu okay je gune duit sendiri entah knape ntah since cuti ni jadi terlebih manja pulak mengada-ngada smua nk mintak ngn mak bapak padahal bukan budak-budak lagi dah.

kelmarin ade sorang pakcik datang rumah pstu tanye 'tak skolah ke arini?'. haishhh pakcik tu soalan lapuk la penat nk explain. geram jugak kadang-kadang. pakcik oh pakcik kte senyum je la eh eh

bukak facebook pun bosan. since mimpi kt sorang budak aritu terus teringat-ingat until now padahal dh tahu mimpi tu mainan tidur. eh you, nape suke-suke je masuk mimpi orang ni? padahal takde kene mngena pon. spoil betul-lah.

lagi la tulis lagi mengarut rasanya. next time nak post pasal makanan la pulak. kalau cakap pasal emosi memang takkan habis ye doppp. till next time, wassalam :)

12 August 2011

pre-reg done

assalamualaikum. haishhh dh pagi but still tak ngantuk so online je la kan. oh berita terkini smalam pre-reg. takde ape sgt pun just add 1 subject and ejas-ejas schedule siket. so, next sem 19 hours je amik. takleh nk amik byk-byk wey major pun belom. huh. sabar je la.

so, 6 subject, takyah kire la study circle dgn tilawah yg wajib tuhhh. haishhhh. malas eh nk tulis satu-satu kasi confirmation slip trus ah senang jimat masa. kecik cenonet pulak gambar die. malas pulak nk edit-edit. hehe :p

whatever la kan yg penting sume dh setel. macam busy je sem depan. sape suruh rajin sgt join byk-byk society kn? haha padan muke kt diri sendiri. takpe-lah. jom kejar 4flat. for both, study and iman. not just dean's list okay, deen;s list jugak. insyaAllah. chaiyokkkk! :)

09 August 2011

ngabe kokse

assalamualaikum. lamo x nulih sini. nk kato rindu x rindu mano. maah la blog. aq ni ore busy banyok kijo x dea nk caro sgt ko blog. haha. dea nyo takdok idea gk jd sero nk nulih kok bahaso ibundo klate bia la tadok ore pehe pong asal kea aq pehe aq tulih gapo. hehe

9 hari doh poso. aq supo skalo takdok wak gpo dk guling-guling dumoh jh. pagi0pagi kul 10.59 baru bangun tgk2 tadok ore blako doh. meme la tido leno kalu ore curi masuk pong x kaba. nati bukok sem ni kelas kul10 meme aq tdo la. mitok maah awal-awal la lecturer weh nk wak gno aloh biso tegal biaso doh duo bule dk dumoh gitu la rutin hari-hari.

konon-konon dk dumoh nk isi maso lapae gk blaja la masok sikit-sikit. ph nk rayo ni nyo maghi raso nk tra buat biskut rayo supo ore lain. cari-cari oven jupo la atah mari brabuk lamo dooh x guno. smangat nyo la aq cuci oven tuh pah tengok-tengok jarum suhu dio x gerok-gerok pong. takdok aroh nk raso la weh. gere pong ado. tapi takpo la, semangat tu penting. takdok suhu pong buleh jugok wak bakar tart kastard. nyohor molep. takdok la sedak mano tapi buleh la tele bak kato si nani.

tu aktiviti isi maso lapae hok mulo-mulo. so lagi blaja jahit. bkn jahit baju. bkn jahit kangsir. dop eh. blaja hok mudoh-mudoh jh. jahit felt craft. kalu taktau gpo felt craft gk google la sdiri. ore laen wt lamo doh aq bru nk buat. bia la. buleh doh wt keychain ramo sekor. nk ambik gamba tokdea doh nyo ambik wak lari ko alya anok sdaro tunggal tuhhh. haishh mok sdaro wt letih-letih sene-sene jh dio wt lari gitu. nasib baek budok kalu ore tuo lamo dh aq hambat.

takdok mood mano ni nk nulih panje-panje. nati ado maso aq nulih pulok deh. blog silo la tggu dgn sabar deh. saye ko blog. muah muah babai blog!

24 July 2011

telefon bimbit :p

Assalamualaikum. entry yg tkde motif. saje je isi masa lapang kt rumah taktau nk buat ape padahal byk je keje blh buat. pemalas sebenarnya. haha. alasan je.so nk ber-story psl hp a.k.a telefon bimbit mcm tajuk entry tuhhh. stat gune hp mase form2 kalau tak silap. ntah la ingat-ingat lupa lama sangat dh. hehe.

ni hp first skali gune. nokia 1100. memang la kalau bwk hp ni g uia blh buat baling kt biawak je kan, tapi dulu bangga ohhh ade hp ni. beli guna duit sendiri tuh. around 200 jugak la beli. rela la kumpul duit hari-hari nk beli hp. tapi nk beli yg canggih-canggih tkde modal pulak. yg ni pun kawan yg tlg blikan, aq kasi duit je kt die. haha. pikir-pikir balik aishh beraninya aq bg duit kt kawan cmtu je. haha. tp skang hp ni dh jadi toys si alya kt rumah. ape yg rosak pun taktau. tak pasal-pasal dh jadi hp mainan. lalalala~

then ni 2nd hp. nokia 2300. beli yg 2nd hand je sbb kawan nk jual die nk beli hp baru. 300 gk la aq beli. time tu form3. kalau ikutkan 300 tu mahal la sbb ni 2nd hand tapi taktau la knape aq beli. rela kot kluakan duit dr bank pertanian a.k.a agro bank tuhhh. hehe. seingat aq hp mmg tahan lasak la. kena hentam ke jatuh ke hape ke steady je. hidup sihat walafiat. hehe. hp ni paling byk memori la. dh 3x kene rampas kt hostel tp alhamdulillah dpt balik. and aq memang tak serik-serik slalu bwk hp g hostel. haishhhh. last skali kena rampas masa sehari nk spm. dhabitah si tudung hijau yg amik. menangis ohhhhh. tp redha je la baik study esk nk spm kannn. hehe :p

yg 3rd ni lupe pulak model ape. aq panggil nokia classic je. start gune hp ni time lps spm sampai cfs. 2nd hand jugak. terdesak kot time tu hp lg satu kene rampas so bajet la takleh hidup tkde hp so beli la hp ni. hp ni ok je sbnrnya takde mslh pon except takde memory card dgn gmbar blurr. dulu suke amik gambar so mcm tak syok la kan bile gmbr blurr plus takleh nk save byk2 sbb tkde memory card. alasan semata-mata. haha

then sbb nk memory card sgt so beli la 4th hp ni. beli kt seremban. time tu saje-saje nk usha hp tpi cne ntah pakcik cina tuhh pndai pulak die putar belit sampai aq trpaksa la beli hp. bajet ciput je time tu 300 lau tak silap so beli hp ni ber-trade-in kan hp lame tuhhh. ni first time la gune sony ericsson ni. saje tukar-tukar selera sbb tgk ramai je member-member gune sony. satu je yg tak puas hati psl hp ni, bateri tuuuu. rase nk campak dlm longkang je bile bateri cepat sgt habis. baru charge dh low memang la hangin satu badan kan. so, pasang la hajat nk bli hp baru.

so yg ni yg lastest la. harap-harap tahan la sampai grad. haha. lama lagi tuh. nokia c3. memang la tak canggih tapi canggih pun nk buat hape kalau tak reti gune ye tak? before beli ni mmg dh puas dh aq survey hp mne yg sesuai. mula-mula nk bli yg ade 3g, tp aq mne reti guna 3g. nk bli yg touchscreen, memang la tak minat weh. last skali aq list ape sbnrnye aq nk ble gune hp so ade 3 functions je sbnrnya, bg aq la, sms,call and snap gmbr. so no need la hp canggih-canggih kan. waahhhh. bangga ngn diri sendiri sbb tak tergoda ngn hp canggih-canggih kt kedai tu. hehe. bli hp ni lps dpt rslt sem3 aritu so kire mcm gift utk diri sendiri la :)

lagi satu bangga ngn diri sendiri sbb selama ni beli hp pakai duit sendiri je. mak bapak aq memang tak sponsor la gadget-gadget cenggini. kalau nak memang la kene menabung sendiri. usaha la tu wei. tapi hp yg latest tu abah ade contribute la siket as gift dpt result aritu. then sbb tak cukup memang la kene fork out duit sendiri jugak akhirnya. takpe la kan bukan slalu and hp ni tak mahal sangat punnnnn. hehe. dear hp baru tu, jaga diri elok-elok ye, tahan smpai aq grad tau. bye-bye! :)

22 July 2011

5 years :')

assalamualaikum. ari ni kua result for sem 3. kul12 smlm dh kua sbnrnya tp smlm penat sangat so tidur awal tak mampu nk tggu kul12 ngantuk sangat. hehe. tapi pg tadi kul 4 tersedar, nak tahajud tak boleh sebab toootttt so ape lagi online la kejap check result.

alhamdulillah after 5years usaha finally dapat gk ape yg diidamkan. syukur sangat. dari form 4 lagi punye la struggle nk score subjek accounting tp rezeki takde lg agaknya after 5 tahun baru dapat. ayat berbelit-belit nampaknya. bia-lah. saje je post special kt sini bia nanti ingat sampai tua insyaAllah. hehe.

so tadi gitau parents and alhamdulillah diorang happy jugak. tapi ade lg satu hajat diorang n insyaAllah sem depan usaha lagi. and ari ni jugak beli hp baru. hp murah je kira hadiah untuk diri sendiri la kot. selalu guna ayat tu bila nk beli something yg mahal-mahal. hehe. abah sponsor siket je, bile tak cukup tambah-la duit sendiri. papepon thanks la abah. happy-nya! alhamdulillah :)

21 July 2011

Contest : Saya Blogger Kreatif

assalamualaikum. tadi usha blog ni. OMG comel-nye?! dgn boboi boy segale. memang kreatif la kan patut la si owner tu buat contest ni. bersesuaian and bertepatan sgt la dgn blog die tuhhh. jeles ohh tapi memang tak reti la kan nk buat cmtu. blaja slow-slow lah. tutorial kn ade. terbaik-lah! :)

nak tag si cantik ;

all the best saeng-saeng :)

nak g sini :)

assalamualaikum. seriously nk g balai islam tu. tapi malam la. cane nk g? nk drive mmg confirm la parent x kasi. mlm tuhhhh. nk ajak spe ni? kwn2 pnye la jauh sume. haishhhhh. cne neh? nk pegi jugak. jom mesej saeng-saeng. insyaAllah blh g. hehe :)

14 July 2011


Assalamualaikummmm. entri ber-picture. jumpa lg 23rd july insyaAllah :)

12 July 2011


Assalamualaikum. tadi di-tag oleh cik hanani utk join contest. so, ape lagi terus la join. dh la banner die kiuttttt ohhhh. tgk bawah tu. pink lagi tau! aq ni dh la mmg layan korea so of course la nk GA from korea tuhhh. bandung tu mmg dh lama nk pegi tp takde rezeki lagi. nanti la aq kaya aq pegi sume tmpt tuuu. haha. and blog si adik bradik yg buat contest ni pun sweet ah. blaja slow-slow buat blog comel-comel camtuuu. ameeenn. hehe :)


 ni la blog mereka-mereka yg aq ckp tadi :)

okay so nak tag sayang-sayang ku :)

so join la ye! just click on the banner. all the best :)

10 July 2011

malas ohhh

assalamualaikum. dh seminggu stay kt rumah kot. ohh bosan jugak la kadang-kadang. i dont know. just dont know what to do. padahal buku berlambak dalam kotak tu tak baca lagi. hehe. cuti lama lagi kan? takpe2. hehe. pagi-pagi bangun tidur mesti lapar and yg 'best' nya memang takde mknn la kt rumah ni. pagi-pagi sume org dh kua, g sekolah. so, tggal aq terkontang kanting kt rumah sorang-sorang. mlsnya nk masak! tu point-nya sbnrnya. hehe. tapi ari ni tetiba rasa rajin so masak-la-nasik-goreng-gune-perencah-adabi-yg-tak-sedap tuhhh. nasib baek perut ni lapar so trima je la sumbat ape ponnnn.

semalam hang out ngn kengkawan memang best la ohhh. penat gila-gila rasa nk baring je kt stesen bas tuhhh. and gambar dlm process la. tak sempat nk amik smlm, so, tggu long email-kan. and sempat jugak la ktorg g lawat maahad tuhh. lame tak jejak maahad. rinduuuu. w/pon smlm dress code tak sesuai, tapi redah je la kan. memang la cuak kot2 terserempak ngn ustaz ke, ustazah ke. hehe. cmtu la bile dh buat salahhh. hik2. catat rekod lagi, semalam spend 15 hinggit je kua. bijak berbelanja tol. abah bagi 50 inggit, so, konon anak baik aq bg balik balance tu kt abah. ohhh baek-nya diri sendiri. perasaannn :p

actually ade nk post psl something ni tp mcm malas nk type pnjg-pnjg. tggu la dulu nnti rajin aq post ah. tak penting pon sbnrnye. eh ni hot news, hp nazak ohhhhh. tapi blh lg a nk msg ngn call org tu. guna je la dulu apa yg ada lgpun takde hp yg berkenan kt kedai tuhhh. nk gtau abah pun mcm segan je. hehe. tu je lah. blog dh jadi diary. huhu. chowwww :)

07 July 2011


Dari Amirul Mukminin Umar Al-Khattab r.a katanya : Aku mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda : ' Bahawasanya amalan-amalan itu adalah ( bergantung ) kepada niat, dan bahawasanya bagi setiap manusia itu apa ( balasan ) yang diniatkannya. Maka barangsiapa yang berhijrah kepada Allah dan RasulNya, maka hijrahnya itu adalah kepada Allah dan RasulNya. Dan barangsiapa yang berhijrah kerana dunia yang ingin ia memperolehinya atau kerana seorang perempuan yang ingin ia menikahinya, maka hijrahnya itu adalah atas apa yang ia berhijrah kerananya.'

06 July 2011


assalamualaikum. hye masalah.
suke eh dtg jumpa sy?
tp sy tak suka la jumpa awk.
kadang-kadang rasa nk lari je dr awk.
tp awk tak habis2 follow sy.
knape kah?
pegi jaoh-jaoh boleh?

04 July 2011

rekod diri sendiri :)

assalamualaikum. alhamdulillah pg tadi slmt sampai kt rumah. ohh memang terkejut mcm nk kena serangan jantung tgk bilik dh macam sarang tikus! sadis ohhhh. badan penat mmg tak la kan nk kemas satu bilik. tp at least dpt sapu pun jadi la kan. gotong-royong perdana tu maybe laen kali. cuti lama lagi babe! haha. first day cuti dh pegi merayau. ikut kakak pegi tesco lps anta abah naik bas kt jpn tadi. aku baru balik, abah pulak nk g kl. ada kursus katanya kt putrajaya. haisshhhh~ eh lupa pulak tajuk post ni. saja nk buat rekod utk diri sendiri. org laen dh lama buat tapi aku baru terhegeh-hegeh.hihi

  • tak penah lagi stay jauh-jauh from family lama-lama. but this sem, boleh plak tahan stay kt uia tu 55 days. rekod peribadi tuhhh. biasanya duduk 2 weeks pun dh berjurai-jurai air mata homesickkk. aku bukan anak manja okay. just homesick! haha. jarang balik means jimat duit takyah beli tiket bas and jimat tenaga penat ohh duduk lm bas and jimat masa jugakk tak sanggup ehh nk duduk 8 jam lm bas tuhhh. sakit badan wey! kalau airport dkt mmg dh lama ah naek flight! ahhh rndu nilai tetibe. haha sbnrnye rndu sbb dkt ngn airport :p

  • ari tu kan sblm balik kn stay kt bilik sorg-sorg. i means, tido sorg-sorg mlm tuhhh. punye la penakut tak tutup pun lampu mlm tu. tawakal je la an tak penah-penah tido sorg. akak bilik pegi mne ntah tak blk. kul 6 pg baru balik. tak paham ohhhh.

  • then, ari yg sama jugak turun makan sorg-sorg. haha. lame giler kn. yeah sape-sape yg knl aq mmg tau aq ni x independent. tak penah ohhh mkn sorg-sorg. so aritu buat la muka tak malu pegi cafe mkn mengadap tv je. tapi kn macam best je mkn sorg. kadang-kadang boleh la tapi kalau selalu boring gk ohhh. tak sanggup! hehe.

haha. tu je pon rekod diri sendiri-nya. gimik je lebih kannn? takpe lah buat ingatan di masa 
hdpn. hehe. cuti sem dh stat and memang-lah kan taktau nk buat apa? yg pasti ari sabtu ni nk hang-out. rnduuuu kawan-kawan sayaaaaaa :')

02 July 2011

makan buku tidur buku :p

Assalamualaikum. ari ni 02 July 2011 sempena berakhirnya final exam smlm, maka apa lagi hang out la ngan kawan-kawan. tapi kuar bertiga je. together with wafa' and kmah. yg laen dh slmt balik ke kg halaman masing-masing. sedih pulakkk. so tadi g masjid jamek jp, cari fajar ilmu sesat kemain lagi last-last kene tebalkan muka tnya org. haha. then g klcc kalut-kalut sbb wafa' tggu kt sana. eh lupa nk mention mmg main purpose kuar ari ni sbb nk shoping. shoping buku! memang serius rambang mata kalau kaya memang dh lama rembat smua. kt fajar ilmu sempat beli 2 bijik buku malay then kt kinokuniya rembat lagi. memang la melayang-layang duit 100+ jugak la tapi demi buku sanggup babe! haha. tak sabar nk balik rumah nk khatamkan smua ni. ada tempah lg satu buku tapi tak sampai-sampai alamtnya sem dpn la baru dpt. takpelah tak baik tamak. ni pun dh cukup. alhamdulillah :)

01 July 2011

usaha sudah maka tawakal-lah :)

assalamualaikum. alhamdulillah exam dah habis dgn jayanya. harap-harap berjaya lah dapat result gempak. rasanya i've tried my best. study bagai nak rak. and kawan-kawan sy jugak, harap-harap berbaloi la usaha kite smua ye. study sampai lewat malam, buat past years segala, jumpa madam walaupun dah last minute nk exam. haha. effort tu penting. so, tawakal je la ye. solat hajat bebanyak. reminder to myself jugak lah ni.

and walaupun sem ni sekejap je, nama pun shortsem kan, tapi macam best sangat-lah! happy dpt study dgn kawan-kawan. and happy bila dpt kawan baru. and rasa sedih bile dh habis sem walaupun happy nk balik rumah. insyaAllah, next sem jumpa lagi!

ni time lps exam maf, biarpun exam maf amat-lah mencabar, tapi senyum itu mesti.
ICT menanti kami on the next day.
saya si bongsu. haha. heart u lah kawan! :)

28 June 2011

penat tapi best!

assalamualaikum. ni betol-betol short entry la kot. baru blk meeting badan penat nak study pulakkk lusa nk exam. hari ni sehari suntuk study kt library and ade 2 things happened today yg mmg meng-happy-kan lah!

First : tadi dapat Tafsir Al-Quran from Sis Izzah. thanks sis, walaupun kte tak penah jumpa. and thanks jugak kt Farah Nadia sbb jd org tgh. suke sgt sbb dh lame nk tafsir Quran tiba-tiba ada org bagi memang la syukur sangat-sangat macam orang mengantuk dapat bantal kan?

Second : tetibe dpt msg ckp takyah LIDV (live in during vacation) means takyah stay kt sini sampai 10hb means boleh balik awal. again, alhamdulillah ya Allah.

so, walaupun penat, tapi happy. pegi meeting tadi pon sempoi je. thats why nk jugak buat post even byk lagi keje nk kene buat. thats all just to update! salammmmm :)

abaikan si pemegang tafsir tuhhh. muka penat mcm tu-lah.
comel tak tafsir tu? comel kan? eh excited gileee. haha

26 June 2011

study itu best kan?

assalamualaikum. finally smua class dh habis skang tggl nk exam je. study week la ni kira-nya. ni jadual exam:

Tilawah test - 27/6 jam 12.28 pm
MAF - 30/6 jam 2.30 pm
ICT - 1/7 jam 9.00 am

sebab ni shortsem so 3 subjek je la amik tak kuasa nak amik banyak-banyak nanti terkejar-kejar tak tau nk revise yg mana. so skg nk makan ke nak tido ke nak online ke memang tak se-aman biasa. otak asyik fikir eh ict tak baca lagi, notes tak siap lagi, past year questions tak buat lagiiiiii. tapi kan, best la study. serious tak tipu. kalau sehari tak bukak buku rasa pelik-lah. haha. budget rajin-lah ni. booooo sama diri sendiri.

tak nak lah post panjang-panjang. just nk ckp all the best kt semua classmates, mahallah-mates and sape-sape je la yg amik shortsem neh. kte sama-sama usaha then baru tawakal. insyaAllah Allah sentiasa ada di sisi kita. and insyaAllah kejayaan akan menyusul. and nk mintak maaf jugak dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki walaupun korang tak baca pon entry ni. hehe. jaga relation dgn Allah, parents, lecturers and friends. insyaAllah lets try our best peeps! :)

19 June 2011

memori sewaktu kecil?

"memori yang tidak dapat dilupakan sewaktu kecil'

assalamualaikum. firstly macam terkejut-lah kan sebab ditag oleh cik nabilah huda dalam entry die. and first time jugak la masuk contest macam ni. ye la kan berbelog pun baru setahun jagung mana la reti nk join-join contest, nk tag-tag orang ni. well belajar slow-slow tak salah la kan?

okei title tu "memori yang tidak dapat dilupakan sewaktu kecil" memang best la kan. otak ni pening-pening lalat cuba nk ingat balik zaman budak-budak dulu. and memang banyak la memorinya kalau nak tulis semua memang tak habis entry ni so, maybe boleh pick 3 je kot. kira top 3 la kannnn. haha.

dulu-dulu since baby sampai 5 tahun ada pengasuh yang jaga. mak bapak cikgu takkan nk bawak anak g sekolah kn. kang terlebih pandai pulak kecik-kecik dh pegi sekolah. sebab rapat sangat dgn pengasuh sampai kadang-kadang weekend pun ikut pengasuh balik rumah. nak tulis nama pengasuh pun macam susah nak eja paham-paham la org kelantan ni unik sikit panggilannya. ayat cover line neh. yakkkkk! then satu ari tu macam biasa pegi la tidur kt rumah pengasuh tu. petang tu main-main kt dpn rumah, tiba-tiba jumpa benda bersinar-sinar atas tanah. bersinar-sinar tuhhh, okay shining-shining la. haha. lumrah la kan budak kecik memang tak tahu pape so ambik la benda tu rupa-rupanya cincin. tapi lupa la cincin emas ke suasa ke perak ke hape. then apa lagi sarung la kt jari kelingking yg comel tuuu. pegi tunjuk kt pengasuh then dia ckp kotor tu, buang cepat! and dipendekkan cerita cincin tu takleh nk buang wooooo. macam-macam la method guna kan. rendam dalam air sabun la letak minyak la bla bla bla tapi memang liat la takleh buang jugak. last skali pengasuh tu contact abah and abah bawak g hospital. sekarang fikir balik memang la malu kan pegi hospital sebab takleh buang cincin?! argghhh nasib la kawan-kawan i taktau. memang bising la hospital kt emergency room sbb bdk kecik ni tak duduk diam. melalak meraung sume la complete then doc tanya, "kenapa nangis?" and i jawab "sebab takut tgk doktor". haha. bkn sebab sakit tapi sebab takut tgk doc. memang la bdk kecik namanya. knapa memori ni first skali tulis? sebab sampai sakarang takut pakai cincin sampai abah kena tempah cincin khas utk anak gadis dia ni. cincin tu blh bukak tak-tau-nak-explain macam mana. nanti mcm mana nak kahwin? reminder to my-future-husband i nak cincin yg kena tempah macam tu ekkkk. demand lohh.

amik ha panjang kemain i tulis. nasib la bila dh bercerita memang susah nk berhenti. haha. second pasal mentol. kenapa mentol? masa darjah 2 tengah-tengah main-main dalam bilik then nampak ada mentol kecik. ala kecik je, macam lampu kelip-kelip yang pasang time raya tu. tapi yang ni lagi kecik. imagine-lah sendiri ye. mentol tu abang punya dia letak kt toys dia. maka i pun ambik lah mentol tu. then tak tahu kenapa i letak dalam mulut. budget la macam sedap benda tu kan? skali boleh pulak tertelan benda alah tu. memang terkejut la tak tahu nak buat apa tetiba ingat mak ajar kalau tengah makan then tersedak ke ape minum la air. so i apply la method tu. lari laju-laju pegi dapur minum air biar mentol tu cepat-cepat masuk dalam perut. lame nye budak neh. aishhh. sampai skrg tak bagitau mak bapak takut kena marah. then kalau g sekolah kawan tanya, "kenapa selalu dpt mrkh tggi?pandai-lah" and i jawab "sebab ada mentol dlm badan, nnti mentol tu pegi kt otak and tinggggg! dapat idea!". haha. budak-budak yg kena pengaruh cerita kartun kt tv mcm ni la jadinya.

and last skali dulu masa kecik-kecik duduk kelantan, rumah i kt kampung. kt dpn rumah ada rumah nenek. hari-hari pegi rumah nenek. and masa kecik-kecik suka pakai inai walaupun abah tak suka anak perempuan dia pakai inai. abah kata geli la nak makan nasik tgk kuku kaler-kaler. macam-macam la abah i kn? then bila nak pakai inai pegi la rumah nenek. kutip daun inai kt rumah jiran sblh sbb kt rumah kitorg takde pokok tu. pastu tumbuk-tumbuk letak nasik dua tiga bijik. penat ohh tumbuk daun tu sampai lumat. dulu tak jumpa lagi inai yang siap packing segala tuhhh. dh siap pakai la kt sepuloh jari ni. nenek cakap kalau nk inai lawa kena pakai lama-lama. kalau pakai pagi, petang baru basuh. lama tuuu. lagi satu nenek ckp jgn bagi ayam nampak jari yang ada inai tu, nanti inai tak merah. petua la konon. pelik! kt rumah nenek memang ada ayam nenek bela. banyak pulak tu. so bila dh siap pakai inai, nk balik rumah. jalan sorang ltk tangan dlm baju taknak bagi ayam nampak. tapi ada skali tu knape ntah ayam jantan tu ikut je kt blkg. apa lagi, demi inai di jari i pun lari lintang pukang terpekik terlolong nangis berjujuran air mata panggil ma dgn abah. ayam tu pulak yg terkejut 'apehal budak ni tetibe nanges'. haha. memori.

tu je la kot top 3 memori masa kecik. tak tahu la nk letak kategori memori indah ke pahit ke tapi yg sure, meaningful lah. ohhh tulis entry ni buat i rndu zaman kanak-kanak. sekarang nenek dh takde, Al-Fatihah utuk nenek, rindu nenek sangat-sangat :'( pengasuh i pun dh tak sihat sgt lama tak jenguk dia insyaAllah balik nanti blh g ziarah dia. tu je lah saje-saje join contest tambah experience. nak join jugak blh la tekan sini. jumpa lagi. and to hikmahain and alfaizie jemput-lah join ye. bye-bye and assalamualaikum.