22 July 2010

combining post 2 in 1;)

First thing first k..just want to say thanks to my beloved friend,munirah jamil for dinner just now.thanks a lot ya!i'm having a lot of fun with tirah,nani and farahiyah and also nabilah huda!Almost forgot her.Sorry ya..hehe..Thanks to farah.Because of her,we could eat at a nice place.at least far from uia la.inti je pon.haha.maybe next time we can hang out again friends!but i forgot to capture that best moments.sorry guys.im too hungry so i just think about food,food and food.its okay la.at least i've several pic here.although they are not as clear as usual.hehe.. Second thing to say?emm..appreciation night for taaruf week committee.at first i decided that i'll not attend that event.why?i dont know actually.maybe i'm ashamed with other committees.and why again?the answer is,let myself know the truth.nothing much to be proud about that night.just having fun with tkah.i've not meet her for about 1 month so thats the only reason why i went to that event.overall its ok la.the most important is,the certificate and of course,FREE FOOD!that would be the most important thing for me.haha.same like above situation,i dont have time to snap picture on that night.just several pictures when the event almost finished.more exact,while waiting for my dormate*i think they really enjoyed that night.as usual la..*enough for that.

09 July 2010

econs makes me sick!

feel toooo tired and depressed to complete my economics assignment.i need help!still hoping that i've done the right thing.God,show me the right way..

07 July 2010

fight fight fight

cm xde mood nk type fully english tonite.rojak je la yaw.bad day i think.pg2 da moody w/pom xphm npe.rasenye smlm mkn cukop,minum cukop,tdo cukop.tp npe pg da ngantok and xpsl2 nk mrh org and xpsl2 gadoh ngn peers and xpsl nanges ats bahu spe ntah n xpsl2 xley jwb quiz math.berkait mait sumenye.why?kwn pon tlg la phm.da pg2 korg tgk muke kwn korg ni cm cuka cap pisau wif da eye like da owl,xreti2 nk ignore je?xyh la nk ngumpat2 blkg ke ape.backbiting plak pepagi bute.tlg syp kjp bley?aq x kacau korg pon,so,lau korg nk borak ke melalut ke merepek ke membebel ke lantak la.do i care?whatever la babe asal hati korg SENANG!ade korg kisah kwn sblh korg pengsan ke tdo ke mati ke.bkn la nk membebel ke ape tp situation ni cm t'blk la.korg yg mule2 ignore aq and xpsl2 korg plak nk trase ngn aq?pekehal babe?come on la.sume da besa bdn and otak and umo.xreti2 nk beza mne baek mne burok.sal bnde kecik smpai nk masam 24hours?sorry la.aq da give up.da 4sem kwn.g clas sme2 g library sme2 mkn sme2 g jln sme2 tp korg still xrase ni 1 ukhuwwah.it will not work out la lau aq je terhegeh2 nk built friendship ni.tau la sume dh ade bestfriend masing2.rapat ngn bdk bilik tp xkn kite kwn just tuk g clas sme2 and wt assignment sme?thats peers.not friends.tlg la pndai2 beza.sume ni dh bljr weh.korg dh exempted pon.mmg kite nk marks quiz tggi2 marks assingment tggi tp ilmu x kurang la wey lau kte share.x luak pon.npe nk kdekot sgt?tu bkn ilmu kite.ilmu Allah.naseb baek je Allah tu bukakkan pintu hati tuk trima ilmu tu.lau x xke naye nnti time exam.cam ayam berak kapur la jwbnya.so,pe slhnya share that knowledge?i realize that i'm not perfect,but please accept me as i am.stop! p/s:npe ade gmba?sbb diorg ni sudi kwn ngn aq slame 4sem kt cfs ni.thanx a lot!i really apreciate all u all've done to me.

06 July 2010

depressed again!

fuhhh..blogging again!today i'd accounting's quiz.ok fine.done with that already.and math quiz is waiting for me tomorrow.oh my God!i'm not done with my revision yet!how to answer the quest?differentiation.i dont like the topic lorh.again,not HATE but just DONT LIKE.2 different thing k.lim that lim this infinity specific point and bla bla bla.i'll try my best anyway.i've an intrview to handle tonight.little bit lazy but its a job.take it easy amalina!currently really miss my home.homesick!i plan to go home next thursday but it seems like i cant do that.economics exam is postponed to 21st july.what the hal?unlike lol.and i also have to finished the economics assignment and submit on the next friday.FRIDAY?!veeeeery good la.mdm surely dont want us to go home.haha.fine la..now i've made up my mind.its ok if i cant go home BUT i've to strive to live here.study study and study 24 7?im not a robot k.i wish i could maintain my pointer.3.9 for final sem ok?try and struggle.not just sit and pray and then give up when get low marks.ehemm..who am i referring to?ahakz.let it be.i almost forgot that i've MUET exam this oct.realizing that makes me write this post in english.haha.trying to improve my grammar and vocab huh?but i think there's nothing change la..i'm still using the same words and same sentences.again and again.without any improvement or new words.what happen?argghhh..too busy with calculating makes me forgot this thing.still have time,so,chaiyok!keyboard OFF!

03 July 2010

hati busuk?

ape agknye korg rase bile ditinggalkan trkontang kanting tnpe peta kompas dan sgla mcm bnde yg boleh tlg time sesat kt dlm hutan tu?oh TIDAK!!itu yg sy rase.ape la gunenye kawan lau nk campak kt tepi jln or kt tong sebesar alam yg ade kt tepi blok d neh.itu memang busuuuuk pnye hati.sokay.hati,tabahkn diri anda..sabar la diri.enuffff!fine..1 new story yg maybe boley d story moleykn d cni.i,ve finished my comp2 exam!what a relief!hati sgt suke walaupun agk skt dsbbkn satu pristiwa..tuuutttt..kak ct kite ckp biar rhasie.so,kite ikut ckp die eh.. assingnment oh assingnment:cpt la siap.cm biase dg je.kt mne ek.wahahaha.of cos kt fb.aq ni bkn la jnis yg ske update status tu cm org laen.almaklomlah otak d kpale ni xde la skreatif anda2 di luar sana.just for the record,i've 2 more assignments to complete.soooooo tired maa..busy with the agm,exam,exercises,notes yg b'tmbun2 nk kne siapkn and bace skali.dgr tu amlina.BACA.bkn tw buat shj ye.hehe.BUAT nota utk DIBACA.bkn DISIMPAN d celah celah buku kt ats meja study yg lawa dan cantik dan kiut spt empunyanya.masok baldi angkt sdri nmpk.huhuhuhu. lg 1 crita...yela kn.da lme x b'BELOG ni..tmbhn pulak dlm bhse lidah ibunda ni.naseb baek aq x kluakn skill b'bhase cik ct wn kembong tu.lau x,naye la..ok.back to da topic.AGM.dgn ini aq admit la bhwsnye agm tu t'amat la hambarnye.projector ntah ke mne mc ckp rojak cmpur krabu slide yg sgt laaaa lawa audiens yg sgt la baek hatinye.dicipline n wlfare a.k.a pc,pe nk jwb time postmortem nnti?alamak aq kne pakai topeng tutup muke MALU lol!whatever la ye.yg knfom and psti n surenye,bnde tu dh lps n setel.anyway,biarpon byk klmhnnye,conclusion tuk dri sdr:SWEET MEMORY la.jd photographer x b'tuliah b'gndingn ngn si polan yg agk sengal.shy2 cat but maintain..PRO beb!prasan shja ya.nk upload gmbr x??wahaha..spe bley aja sy b'belog dgn lbey baek n b'skill skali?haha..amat cetek ilmu di kpale ye.it ok la.dulu mase kcik2 pon kte mrngkak luh kn bfore jln.ke ade org yg tetibe bley lari tros.lau ade mmg aq tabikkk spring la kt dy.power kot.haha. dormate sy dgn bhgienye ngh wt assingment comp2 sdgkn diriku?wat assignment gk.kt bloggie ni.aq pnye la mnaip ni kalah diorng tw.pndai je reka mreka ayt nk sodapkan hati den ni.pdhal den amat la takot sbb byk lg bnde yg mnuntut komitmen!skema gilaxx..ini post ke brape?n next post?mybe in da short time?hati ckp.TUNGGU;) p/s:bile la nk improve writing skill nie??em..30 minutes for uploading a pic?!sokay la.broadband mbp mcm siput and sy bkn si pnybr mcm kure2.nex time mybe!