31 August 2010

love like this!

steamboat,here we come!not much to say about that night but i think this word can describe my feeling right now.HAPPY!although there are some scene that makes our faces turn to chili sauce,but everything is ok and actually those thing makes our night more cheerful.then,i spent the whole night with najwa,muni zaki and ain.oh God,i never thought that i can stand the whole night at the blue court.but thanks to you all because of you i mange to complete the exercise.it seems like everything are so meaningful when we are moving towards the end.i'm soooo SURE that i'm gonna miss you girls!thinking what to do next,account assignment is waiting me.so,just want to share the picta.thanks nani,trah,farah,muni,najwa,azi and ain!ily!

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eat all u can!hak3

ehem ehem

where am i???


dinner time!

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peace muni and najwa

money money;)

thanks nani!

ain plus trah

25 August 2010

22 August 2010


thanks God for everything.i'm so relieved that our main program for this sem,IFTAR JAMIE AT DARUL IZZAH is succesfully held yesterday.although we had so encountered so many problems,but finally we manage to handle that program.after struggling for many weeks.after so many meetings.its worth i think.thanks to all my subcommittee.should i list all their names here?sure,why not right?hazleen,syazan,anis,fatin,wani,tikah,ainin,nini,anam,adam and aisyah.you guys have done a very good job.oppsss.i think i missed one person.our head ek,aizi.thanks to you too.nothning much to say.now,i think i can focus on studying.after 4 sem in econss,especially discipline and welfare bureau,i think this is one of my best emories in nilai and i'm sure that i'll miss it!

17 August 2010

what my condition now?

that question is really hard for me to answer.why?currently amalina is unstable!i admit that i'm a sensitive person.tooooo sensitive as even small thing may affect my whole day.i'm still trying to handle it and a lot of thanks to that person who teach me to live calmly.hurmmm.its so hard to express my feeling when i'vi to write in english.wargggh!sabo je la.ok fine.ENGLISH!i'm updating this thing again when nani said that she had been following my blog.*blushing.i'm a low profile person k.haha.today im not feeling well and i just tell nani about that.as usual,attending classes makes me tired and feel like i'm going to faint at that moment.but alhamdulillah acc class is canceled so that i can sleep tightly in my room.yahoooo.talking about friendship again.this morning i ask someone about this. me:" awk ade bestfriend x kt cni?" (ceh,cm bdk tadika je tnye) she:"ntah la tp skg baek ngn awk la kot" ok fine.honestly speaking that her word makes me happy during that class.she reminds me to tkah.i think i'm using the wrong word but its ok la.sometimes people makes mistake.i'm still looking for good friends but now i just find good peers.mr baha said that peers and friends are different and i admit that the statement is true.sometimes i think that my peer is my friend mbut that thing does not last forever.maybe they dont like to be my friends or whatsoever la.as long as they dont make me feel bad.enough for that. back to study.i've got my econs quiz and as i expected before,its not as good as what i wish.its ok la.i'll try harder in final.hope that Allah will guide me show the right way.accounting and math are still in ok position.not good or stable but just ok.comp2 is tiring because of the new assignment.hate to admit that comp assingment really tough for me.i dont have much time to do exercises and make revision.people might say that why i dont have time to do such thing and i minght answer that i dont know.the most easiest answer in this world i think.i'm quite busy with the econs society and i dont know how to manage my time.what happen and again,I DONT KNOW.tomorrow we're going to YAKULT factory for field trip for accounting and i really really hope that everything will be ok.same goes to iftar jami'e at darul izzah this friday.hope that event will run smoothly.ya Allah,please help me..ameen.