08 March 2010

no title!

hikmah text me just now said that rzlt will be announced this thursday..fuhh!during dz olide,i dont think about rzlt at all..but now,i cant stop thinking bout it..oh God..what will happen??what about my rzlt??could i maintain my pointer or...i cant think bout it now..so scary k..it's jz like i'm waiting for my spm rzlt..hehe..so annoying..btw..dz thursday..its mean..the same date with spm n stam rzlt..hurmmm..quite interesting..so,we..i mean all spm n stam candidates n cfsiium student will be like a hot worm..haha..i think my english is bad but i'll try my best to improve it..since maybe no lcturer or teacher or classmate that will read dz,so its ok for me to say wtever i like!
opppppss!i just rmember 1 thing..ystrday my bro in law asked me to do his assgnmnt..as usual,i nodded my head n say yes!haha..although i know that i'm a lazy person but i will still take the opportunity to get a gift..of course he will gift me something..at least rm10 topup..its enough for me k..n its my luck that i got more than wt i expcted!alhamdulillah..cant wait till dz wdnesday..i want to hang out wif my sweet frenz..sweet???mybe kot!enjoy..=p
p/s: ANIS NUR ALBASIRAH!wait for me k..
n dont late!

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