04 October 2010


I'm so glad to say that i already finished my foundation studies at Nilai. i keep thinking about gombak. many silly questions made me afraid, what will happen when i enter there or can i adapt with the new situation or can i maintain my pointer or can i have more friends there. huh! hope Allah will guide me. Now, back to reality. I just cant stop think about what i'm going to do during this semester break. Fine, nani already has her plan. taking her driving class. Trah and farah, i'm sure they have their own plan. but me? what i'm going to do? Hate to accept that i still have to sit 1 more exam. English exam! MUET! i thought i already left English after i passed the what-so-abandoned-thing-i-have-faced last sem. what i'm going to prepare? whatsoever la. redah je. forget it. the most important thing is this thursday, i'm going to sabah bah. cant wait for that time! i guess its time to say bye! 

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