22 July 2010

combining post 2 in 1;)

First thing first k..just want to say thanks to my beloved friend,munirah jamil for dinner just now.thanks a lot ya!i'm having a lot of fun with tirah,nani and farahiyah and also nabilah huda!Almost forgot her.Sorry ya..hehe..Thanks to farah.Because of her,we could eat at a nice place.at least far from uia la.inti je pon.haha.maybe next time we can hang out again friends!but i forgot to capture that best moments.sorry guys.im too hungry so i just think about food,food and food.its okay la.at least i've several pic here.although they are not as clear as usual.hehe.. Second thing to say?emm..appreciation night for taaruf week committee.at first i decided that i'll not attend that event.why?i dont know actually.maybe i'm ashamed with other committees.and why again?the answer is,let myself know the truth.nothing much to be proud about that night.just having fun with tkah.i've not meet her for about 1 month so thats the only reason why i went to that event.overall its ok la.the most important is,the certificate and of course,FREE FOOD!that would be the most important thing for me.haha.same like above situation,i dont have time to snap picture on that night.just several pictures when the event almost finished.more exact,while waiting for my dormate*i think they really enjoyed that night.as usual la..*enough for that.

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