06 July 2010

depressed again!

fuhhh..blogging again!today i'd accounting's quiz.ok fine.done with that already.and math quiz is waiting for me tomorrow.oh my God!i'm not done with my revision yet!how to answer the quest?differentiation.i dont like the topic lorh.again,not HATE but just DONT LIKE.2 different thing k.lim that lim this infinity specific point and bla bla bla.i'll try my best anyway.i've an intrview to handle tonight.little bit lazy but its a job.take it easy amalina!currently really miss my home.homesick!i plan to go home next thursday but it seems like i cant do that.economics exam is postponed to 21st july.what the hal?unlike lol.and i also have to finished the economics assignment and submit on the next friday.FRIDAY?!veeeeery good la.mdm surely dont want us to go home.haha.fine la..now i've made up my mind.its ok if i cant go home BUT i've to strive to live here.study study and study 24 7?im not a robot k.i wish i could maintain my pointer.3.9 for final sem ok?try and struggle.not just sit and pray and then give up when get low marks.ehemm..who am i referring to?ahakz.let it be.i almost forgot that i've MUET exam this oct.realizing that makes me write this post in english.haha.trying to improve my grammar and vocab huh?but i think there's nothing change la..i'm still using the same words and same sentences.again and again.without any improvement or new words.what happen?argghhh..too busy with calculating makes me forgot this thing.still have time,so,chaiyok!keyboard OFF!

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