07 September 2010

a little advice

while waiting for magrib,lets check out this blog!whohaaa!what to post?again,NO IDEA.i think i should take izhani as my model la..writing a draft before post it.lets try it another time.em..thinking thinking.YES!i think i've got an idea.since i live in this world for almost 19 years,there is many type of people i've met.but, i realized that people are totally different with each other.arrogant,selfish,kind,adorable,and other type of people.yes.Allah is the most great creator.He could made us differently without any help.stand alone.amazing right?astagfirullah.and also we know that we live as khalifah.there are too much thing to do.too much thing to avoid.too much think to thing.too much thing to describe.i know that when there is a faith,there is the way.i always feel sorry for those who always take easy on what they should do,and what they should leave.in other word,amal makruf and nahi munkar.deep in my heart,i'm still hoping that they will find their way and Allah will guide them to that right way.honestly,this message is for someone but i know she will never read this thing but i always pray that she will repent and learn how to respect others.i know that i'm not perfecst,somehow,we as human should try to improve ourselves.yes.we should!

“Truly, God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” (Quran 13:11)

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