16 September 2011

it's friday!

assalamualaikum. just finished reviewing nani's blog. she's writing in english so i'm influenced by her-lah. even i'll still use malay, of course. and it's a new sem peeps! still taking 6 subjects, same like last sem. and alhamdulillah i'm quite enjoying some classes, not all classes, for now. still hoping that i'll find my comfort in all classes. arghhh spmetimes it's just too boring to just sit in class for one hour and twenty minutes. it seems too long. oh my God, please-lah help me. it's just first week and there are thirteen weeks left. ohhhhhh ohhhhhh. it's driving me crazy la. just hoping that i'll score this sem. insyaAllah.

instead of just attending class, of course i'm joining something else. for now a little bit busy with convest n analysis budget talk. meeting and meeting and meeting really annoying. i'm okay with meeting if they know how to conduct it properly and wisely but typical malay, really slow lahhhhh. a meeting should not be too long which might cause all members get bored and of course, sleepy. a lot of things to discussed given a short period of time. so peeps, dont talk too much. just speak out important things, not silly questions! hope that next meeting will be conducted properly without wasting my time. arghhh

i'm taking arabic class this se, of course with nani. i'm just so grateful because she has the same intention as me, to improve our arabic skills. insyaAllah we'll sit for a placement test next week, or maybe another two weeks, insyaAllah. may Allah bless us. it's so exciting thinking that we'll learn arabic again. these classes will be held on monday and thursday, if i'm not mistaken, so i hope there will be no other agenda that will clashed with our schedule. just saying this because sometime they always arranged meetings at last minute, without discussing with other members first. ahh just forget meetings-lah. :)

next week, going to kampung palas, kedah with aainaa, azi, zati, zita, nani, naemah, husna n fatimah for three days. we're joining to balik kampung programme. i'm just to excited because it is my first time going to kedah. insyaAllah we'll have fun memories day. it's friday and i have nothing to do. arghhhhhh. bye belog. salammmm.


AnisBasirah said...

hai lah! long time no see lah :)

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