31 May 2010

can people live alone?

hellloooo..opppsss...assalamualaikum..im a muslim rite?hehe..my condition right now:lonely and bored and sad and happy..mixed feeling!first i can say that i miss my family damn much!second,i have to admit that i miss tkah..huhu..*blushing2..i just realized that i feel like my heart is missing..just like my fb status L.O.S.T.im like a new student LOLL!OK.my dormates are ok..overall la..but they already have their own gang and of course i will not go there like i dont have dignity..what a shame..why i always think like this?this room is little bit suck!although im happy and grateful that i stay in this room for 4 sem,but the environment is not as same as before..i miss all my ex-dormates when im in 1st sem..its just a habit,we will appreciate a person when she is not here anymore..im just like a nerd now..staying in study room,talking to my lappy and even eat alone!wow!i never think that i'll do this alone..well,i have to be an independent girl right?i cant depend to my friends all the time..i'll try to adapt with this new situation.and i think i start to like it!except for spending more money to buy food,drinks n laundry!hik3..i accept this as a new challenge k.new mission:I WANT TO SCORE 4FLATTTT THIS SEM!oh God,please help me,guide me to the right way.this morning i met my new classmates for math2.erm..little bit dissapointed but its ok.they dont disturb e and so do i.hehe.just like last sem,i only want to be the number ONE!remember that,ONE!insyaAllah..ma and abah,pray for me!i'll make both of you proud of m;)

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