14 May 2010

ok enough(*-*)

oh my God!thats the first phrase i can tell right now.just now i watched a badminton match between dato' lee chong wei n lin dan.emm..what i can write here is,i feel sorry for chong wei.huhu..we know that chong wei always lose to lin dan.i keep thinking about this.why?and i feel sooooo annoying when i saw lin dan's reaction just now.he even dance in the badminton court!actually im not a sports fan but since all my family members are too excited to watch the thomas cup,so,i just joined them..hehe..nothing much to say,i've spent my time to this thing.but its ok since m'sia have fight until the end.congratulation to all..haha..sorry but i dont remember their names...*because chinese names are hard to remember*..haha..so,just enjoy the pics!;)

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