11 May 2010

long time no see!

firstly,dont know what to say.i've read others blogs and i admit that i love to read them.quite jealous sometimes when i see the way they write and create their own stories there.creative.and im so impressed with that!emm..mybe i dont have that talent to write a gorgeous story or hottt stuff.whatever.this is not a part of my sylibus so,its ok if i dont update this thing.sorry my dear blog,im trying to be perfect but..hehe..at least i try and will keep trying till im satisfied with myself.long time no see.just like my post title..hik3..many things happened in my life..currently,ive finished my shortsem.now im on holiday.of course in my home sweet home.what a bless!im done with my lem6012 and ept.hoping that i'll pass the ept.pless God,i dont want to repeat that thing.not again.just for the record,i've sit the ept for 4 times!i think its enough..hehehe..im bored with that thing already..yesterday i went to mmp.of course with my sweet friends,gnah,tkah,ayna,long n tkah..i wore heels..oh God..now im suffering because my feet dont have 'connection' with dat thing..how annoying rite?whatever.mybe im not gonna wear heels again.but it just 'maybe'..hehe..many things to write here..hehe..lets put all together in 1 post..its ok because nobody will read this thing,for sure!i just regret 1 thing.theres someone who do not appreciate what i've done to her..she's treating me like a dust!how could she done this to me..i still love her as my friend and i hope she will do so.i've done nothing wrong to her so there's no excuse for herto hte me..what a mess!let her be.erm..im gonna finish this with two special dedications to 2 persons in my heart::
  • ma-happy mothers day and happy belated birthday.sorry for hurting you.i promise that i'll study hard and get 1st class dgree..insyaAllah..please pray for me..;)
  • my elder brother-happy belated birthday ya..please change for your own sake..although he not read my blog,i still want to add my advice here..hehe..be good to your parents ek!hehe..
dats all lorh..its morning already..
thanks to chah..because of you,
i'm updating this thing again!;;D

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