31 August 2010

love like this!

steamboat,here we come!not much to say about that night but i think this word can describe my feeling right now.HAPPY!although there are some scene that makes our faces turn to chili sauce,but everything is ok and actually those thing makes our night more cheerful.then,i spent the whole night with najwa,muni zaki and ain.oh God,i never thought that i can stand the whole night at the blue court.but thanks to you all because of you i mange to complete the exercise.it seems like everything are so meaningful when we are moving towards the end.i'm soooo SURE that i'm gonna miss you girls!thinking what to do next,account assignment is waiting me.so,just want to share the picta.thanks nani,trah,farah,muni,najwa,azi and ain!ily!

smile2 star

eat all u can!hak3

ehem ehem

where am i???


dinner time!

no comment

peace muni and najwa

money money;)

thanks nani!

ain plus trah

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