22 August 2010


thanks God for everything.i'm so relieved that our main program for this sem,IFTAR JAMIE AT DARUL IZZAH is succesfully held yesterday.although we had so encountered so many problems,but finally we manage to handle that program.after struggling for many weeks.after so many meetings.its worth i think.thanks to all my subcommittee.should i list all their names here?sure,why not right?hazleen,syazan,anis,fatin,wani,tikah,ainin,nini,anam,adam and aisyah.you guys have done a very good job.oppsss.i think i missed one person.our head ek,aizi.thanks to you too.nothning much to say.now,i think i can focus on studying.after 4 sem in econss,especially discipline and welfare bureau,i think this is one of my best emories in nilai and i'm sure that i'll miss it!

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