02 February 2011

come on spirit!

my current status : amalina is currently at home now. you know what, this is the moment that i've been waiting for almost 1 month. ok fine. 1 month only. ngee~ whatever. being home is is the most wonderful thing in my life, of course! i bring a lot of books, thinking that i have to prepare for my mid-term exam. but as usual, there are a lot of challenges when u're at your beloved home. i cant say no to tv, kbs, that red cherry also calling me like "jom naek keta"..argghhh..tlg la amalina jenis x tahan godaan. haha. insyaAllah i'll try to revise everything and i'll be ready for my mid-term exam!ameeeenn..btw, thanks a lot to ain for renovating my blog. its better than before. ily! i'll keep updating this thing later but for now, bye blog!study is my priority right now:)


norain nawawi said...

welcome! luv u 2 ! hehe. study study study. aku pon susah gileeee nak study kat umah nih :(

cHan said...

hoi hoi! blog dh cantekkkk!
susoh r nak stadi duk umoh.
aku x bukak buku lagi weyyy!:D