18 February 2011

hardship as a blessing

Alhamdulillah. exam is over! but there are 2 more papers left. statistics and accounting. but why i've to take both exam on the same day? its possible and i know i can survive but i'm sure it'll be another tiring week for me. thats the price of success. be patient amalina, Allah knows best. yes. i always remember that. sometimes i think that why i always remember him when i'm in trouble? astagfirullah. thats the bad side of me. huh! now lets have a break for 1 day before i start to struggle AGAIN. its a routine as a student right. there's no more thing to do except study. and of course i love studying. haha. whether its a lie or truth, no one know.

I realise 1 thing, remember 5 things before the other 5 things come. just ignore my language. i know that i'm a "language disaster". let it be. back to the topic, one of the five things is "lapang sebelum sempit" kot. i'm not so sure la. just turn on your radio and listen to raihan songs ok. hehe. bile tgh rushing nk exam smlm, sempat pulak habiskan 3 chapter dlm 1 hari. walaupun sbnrnye bkn 1 hari pun. astagfirullah. terror sbnrnye aku ni. tp lg terror kalau sblm ni dh baca awal2. confirm la blh khatam byk2 kali. conclusionnye, jgn la suke tangguh2 kerja ya. insyaAllah experience tu kite jadikan iktibar ye. hari ni nk relax and sbb dh lame sgt x layan movie, so, jom lepas gian! slm..

"a person does not have an understanding of the religion until he thinks of a hardship as being a blessing, and a comfort and luxury as being a hardship.” [Sufyan Ath-Thawri]

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