11 June 2011

bengkel pemasaran

Assalamualaikum. today i joined a workshop together with nani, zita, nabilah huda, aina, asilah, jia and meen. well, that program was interesting and beneficial too. we just pay RM3 okay! so, sharing is caring right? no need to illustrate detail on that. so here are some notes on what i've learned during that workshop. enjoy! 

  1.  Get out that $$$ from your mind! Means dont only think about money!
  2. Spirit guide - She has 6 children and she only uses RM500 for food, every month. Addition, she lives in KL LOL! Her name is HamizaSukor. rakanwebanda.com
  3. Use the right domain okay. Decide the right name.
  4.  Don’t ask why. But how?
  5.  Implement any positive effects in our life. Eg : Nicole David, Exabyte
  6.  Hand phone or PC? Which is more dangerous? Think J
  7.  Mindset is important
  8.  Brave yeah! Trial and error so that you can gain experience
  9.  Show your skills so that people notice!

  1.   Use Debit Card or Credit Card for online payment. Not using Fund Transfer. Eg. Paypal
  2.   What is considered as e-commerce? [Product Catalog, Shopping Cart, Online Payment]
  3.  Traditional Marketing – Newspaper/Magazine (RM200-300), TV (RM500 for 10minutes), Radio,   Expo
  4.  Free marketing- Facebook. This is important as a medium to give information so that people know that you’re doing a business.
  5.  Know your target area, term and condition- minimum order and what product to be sold.
  6.  Use separate email address for different website/blog. Don’t involve personal and business email.
  7.  Include several languages. Include translation. Refer to your market
  8. Online games and services are also considered as product. It’s beneficial LOL.
  9. Big market – 70% Europe market, 20% other countries, 10% Malaysian
  10.  Search Engine Optimization-top 10 in search engine. How?

·         Put what you want to sell straightly in your Domain. Eg : www.cupcake.blogspot.com
·         Put what you want to sell in your HeaderEg. CupcakeChic
·         Put what you want to sell on Menu
·         Put what you want to sell on Main Page, 1st Paragraph. Use as many as you can.
·         Put what you want to sell at Footer
·         Put what you want to sell on ImagesEg. : as your image title
·         Use Keywords. At least 200 words. JEg. : Cupcakes

  1.  Product
  2.  Website
  3.   Traffic- people who see our blog and they click to log on to our blog

  1.  Email signature
  2.  Email list
  3.  Use link to other website (popular website)
  4.  Get involved in any forums, groups and message boards Eg. Using facebook you can ‘like’ any popular groups and post your link on their wall
  5.  Submit URL to search engines Eg. Do visit rakanwebanda.com
  6.  Spent 1-2 hours a day - check email, sent URL to other web or directories

  1. Website - Make sure everything is ready, interesting, user-friendly and up-to-date
  2.  Product – Stock is available, detailed information and sharp image
  3.  Who is your market target? Study and observe your market target
  4.   Put Visitor Counter
  5.   Provide good services in term of products, shipping and etc.


hanani_nmh said...

amal! wow. good posting! tq for sharing. i miss so many part for the third session. tq!

Bella said...

Detail imformation...
More than what I expected...

aMaLiNa said...

u're welcome.
i also dont concentrate when she delivered her 3rd session.haha

hikmah said...

wah..hebat ar..hee

aMaLiNa said...

ala ni jasa kmah gk.
hye akak committee!hehe :p